Vinod Tawde

Vinod Tawde is Minister, Government of Maharashtra. Formerly, he was the Leader of Opposition and was elected three times as a member of the Maharashtra Legislative Council. Vinod Tawde has slowly and steadily with a perfect balance of aggression and prudence made his way up the political cadre in Maharashtra with consistent diligence and honest efforts.

The Man behind the Name

Born on July 20, 1963 in a middle class Maharashtrian family residing in Mumbai, Vinod Tawde was always an early starter. A Bachelor of Engineering (Vidyut Visharad, Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth, Pune), he enrolled in the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) as an activist while he was a student. In 1995, He joined politics and became an active member of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). He held the position of BJP Maharashtra General Secretary from 1995 to 1999. During his tenure as a Leader of opposition, Vinod Tawde ensure that all the irregularities and corruption by Congress-NCP Govt is exposed, raised voice for public concern issues and toured the state extensively to ensure the allocation of funds to areas affected with natural calamities. He advocated for the reservation of Maratha Community and was a key figure in its implementation. The issues of youth have always been a high priority on his agenda and he worked actively towards addressing their various issues.


As a person, what holds him is his sense of quiet calm, his ability to cut through layers of society and connect with people and his strong conviction. Speed is the essence of life and he looks up on ‘change’ as the only ‘constant’. Those who have interacted with Vinod Tawde know him as a seasoned leader, attribute him as someone who has the ability to continuously look at the big picture and also drive execution at grass root levels with energy, empathy, enthusiasm and sheer motivation.


While Vinod Tawde has many inspirations, his ability to be inspired remains high. He has many mentors. He accredits Bal Apte and Madan Das Devi who have inspire him since his early days in ABVP.



Vinod Tawde was deeply inspired by the leadership skills and the rise of Narendra Modi. In 2001, When he became the youngest head of the Mumbai Pradesh BJP, he organised a mega ceremony to felicitate Shri Narendra Modi when he was first elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. It was Modijis first visit to Mumbai, and his first felicitation outside Gujarat.

It was Vinod Tawde’s brush with Atal Bihari Vajapayee, BJP’s erstwhile Prime Minister that ensured sanction of the ‘Mumbai Urban Transport Project – I (MUTP-I)’ to improve the road and rail transportation in Mumbai. Success of this project brought Vinod Tawde into the limelight.


Vinod Tawde as Minister

Vinod Tawde became the Member of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra State in October 2014. He won by the highest margin of votes amongst all MLAs, highest in Mumbai and Second highest in the State. Currently as a Cabinet Minister for the State, He holds the office managing the portfolios of School Education, Higher and Technical Education, Minority Development & Wakf, Sports & Youth Welfare, Cultural Affairs and Marathi Bhasha.

Post assuming office, Tawde has undertaken various initiatives in each of his portfolios that are epitomises his directive and this signature style of foresight oriented goals. The initiatives undertaken under his mentorship truly harness the needs of the people of this state.


What Vinod Tawde stands for

A man who takes his responsibility seriously and believes that with much power, comes much responsibility to make all the efforts. Shouldering the aspirations of 12 crores people of Maharashtra, he is working to ensure that every strata of society gets uplifted, every part of the state gets the due it deserves. His politics is integrated with social activism in every breath, towards the betterment of the state and its people. A strong believer of the hard work ethic, transparent views – here is one man who’s respected by peers and critics alike.