Sports & Youth Welfare

To encourage and promote Sports culture in Maharashtra, the Ministry of Sports & Youth Welfare aims to aid the spread of sports and related activity across the state.

The mission of the department is to encourage Indian sports and games and help in creating an international recognition for these games; development of traditional Indian events that highlight athletic skills into adventure sports.

Furthermore, the department has charted ‘Vision 2020’ to hunt natural athletes from various districts of the state and grooming them for the Olympics 2020 games.

Aid for Sports Infrastructure

In order to groom a culture of sports for the upcoming generation, it is essential to provide for the needs of the sports-persons and by, extension, the game in itself. To fulfil this, the department has extended a financial aid to improve the existing infrastructure and develop newer state of art infrastructure and amenities across the state, encouraging the youth towards arts.

Direct Employment for Divyang Sportspersons

Applauding the sheer determination and dedication of Divyang sports-persons towards the field of Sports, the department has introduced a provision for direct employment of award winning Divyang sports-persons to help them continue their passion for sports.

International Yoga Day

Following the Inspiring initiative of Honorable PM Narendra Modi ji, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Welfare took active interest in the promotion of Yoga Day across the state. The department encouraged the schools and sports association across the state to observe Yoga Day on 21st June and there was a massive participation seen from all the state.

Extra Marks for Sports Persons

To develop the sports inclination in students from the very beginning, the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare have decided to award extra marks for sportsmen in SSC and HSC exams. The students who participate at State, National and International Level will be awarded 25 marks in the HSC and SSC Finals. 

Balewadi - Now Sports exclusive

Per the new issues directives of The Ministry of Sports and Youth Welfare, Pune’s Balewadi Staduim will now be exclusively used for sports related activities only. This was put in action to emphasise on the priority the department holds for Sports and corresponding activity.

Dahi Handi - An Adventure Sports

In order to encourage the interest of the youth towards Indian Sports, The Ministry of Sports and Youth welfare has sanctioned ‘Adventure Sports Status’ for Dahi Handi. The move was received with great enthusiasm. Dahi Handi will now have standard set of rules and safety guidelines like that of any popular sports such as parameters of number of members, time required, discipline observed and the skill.