Minority Development and Wakf Board

The Ministry of Minority Development and Wakf Board focuses on the promotion of social welfare and economic development of the minority population, constituting of members from the Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikhs, Zoroastrian, Jains and the Jewish communities.

The core aim of the department is to provide the members of the minority communities an equal and fair opportunity to work towards improving their social standing and advancing towards prosperity like the rest of the country.

Additionally, the department contributes towards maintaining the distinct identities and the traditional uniqueness of these communities. In order to achieve this, the department undertakes various initiatives that promote the art and literature of these communities, extending its overall outreach.

Grants for Basic Amenities in Educational Institutes for Minorities

The Department provides financial aid to ensure the provision of basic amenities in government and private schools,junior colleges and vocational guidance centres where more than 70% of the students belong to the listed minority communities. Another provision, the grant is also given to the institutions where more than 50% of the students belong to the handicapped community.

Haj House

The Haj House is the advisory unit located at various locations in the state to help the faithful undertake the holy pilgrimage of Haj. The Haj house mediates the documentation procedure,advises the pilgrims on the prerequisites, medical vaccines and fulfillment of other requirements  before commencing the Haj pilgrimage. The Haj Houses at present are located in the city of Mumbai and Nagpur. The Haj House at Aurangabad will soon be completed.

Dr. Zakir Hussain Madarsa AadhunikaranYojana

The department, under Dr. Zakir Hussain Madrasa Aadhunikaran Yojana, works with the madrasas registered with the Charity Commission and Wafk Board to introduce lessons of Maths, Science, Social Sciences and Languages, along with the traditional studies to aid the academic abilities of the students in madrasas.

Scholarship Program

To help the students of the minority communities achieve their academic aspirations, the department grants a scholarship program for these students by providing Rs. 25 Thousand in scholarship for professional, technical courses and Rs. 5 Thousand for Degree programs.

Coaching for Competitive Exams

The department facilitates coaching programs for aspirant of various governmental competitive exams, both for administrative and banking sector. The department has set up 5 coaching centres across the state in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur and Aurangabad which provides the aspirants with coaching, training, reading material and provisions for exam fees to help them successfully clear the exams.

Urdu Sahitya Academy

Started in the year 1975, The Urdu Sahitya Academy is a successful venture of the department aimed towards promoting the Urdu language and it's literature. With the help of the academy, the department operates Urdu language courses, organises Mehfils, Mushairas, Award Functions and workshops for expanding the outreach of Urdu language.

Urdu Ghar

The department had established Urdu Ghars in various locations in Maharashtra with an aim to preserve, promote and popularise Urdu literature. Urdu Ghars in Maharashtra house some rare pieces of literature in Urdu language, opening access to the patrons of the language to experience it's richness. The department has granted permission to develop Urdu Ghars in Malegaon, Nanded and Solapur, with their constructions commenced in full swing.