Higher & Technical Education

Ministry of Higher and Technical Education focuses on the educational growth parameters that go beyond the realms of pure academics and encourage the basic inquisitive nature of the students in their quest for knowledge.

The core aim of the department is to empower the students of this State to explore for themselves and take an active interest into the scientific enquiry of various phenomena around us. This, in the true sense, will be obeisance to the gained knowledge.

The Department of Higher and Technical Education believes in the practical application of the core knowledge is true learning and the aims to encourage research and explorative studies in all fields of study to promote all round developments in the students.

The long term plans of the Ministry of Higher and Technical Education includes encouraging Skill-based knowledge and practical explorative studies in the core fields that help the students seek knowledge beyond books.

Maharashtra National Law University

The Ministry of Higher and Technical Education has motioned for the development of Maharashtra Chapter of National Law University at Mumbai and Nagpur. The course will commence from the upcoming academic year, helping many law aspirants pursue their academic aspirations.

Provisions for Self –Aided Universities

The Department of Higher and Technical Education has made provision for the establishment of Self-Aided Universities for select universities across the state. This provision will be implemented in two year. The shortlisted universities under this provision are Sandip University, Nashik; Spicer Adventist University, Pune and MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune.

Permission for Additional Degree Colleges

With the rise in demand for Degree colleges of Arts, Commerce and Sciences as more students are opting for courses in these streams post HSC, the Ministry of Higher and Technical Education has now granted permission for 62 additional degree colleges across the state to meet up the rising demand in the students opting for these courses. These additional colleges will be operating on the permanent non-grant status with courses commencing from the academic year 2016-17.

Application of CET

The Ministry of Higher and Technical Education has now made provisions to streamline the admission procedure and fee regulation for professional courses in colleges across the state. The department has now mandate the admission and enrolment procedure through the means of CET across the state. The courses under the purview of CET include Engineering, Law, Bachelors of Education (B.Ed), Bachelor of Physical Education (B.PEd), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Computer Applications (MCA), Pharmacy and Vaastushastra.

Bill on Maharashtra Public University Act

The Bill on Maharashtra Public University Act was presented in the monsoon session of the state’s legislative assembly which proposes to grant greater autonomy to the universities in the state, keeping the welfare of the students at its core. The discussion on the passing of this bill will be initiated in the upcoming session of the state legislative assembly.

Fee Regulation in Educational Institutes

The Ministry of Higher and Technical Education introduced the Fee Regulation Act, applicable to all educational institutes across the state in order to curb the rampant commercialisation of education and private institutes treating the field of education as a profit making enterprise. The Fee Regulation ordinate the core fee structure uniformity of any given educational institute per their incurred expenditure, the government granted subsidies, land fee, additional fees and donation structure.

IIIT Centres in Pune and Nagpur

To expand the outreach of technical education across the state and enable students from different part of Maharashtra an equal opportunity to receive quality education, The Ministry of Higher and Technical Education has initiated the introduction of Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Centres in Pune and Nagpur.

IIM chapter in Nagpur

Nagpur Chapter of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) opens doors to the students of Maharashtra with a prime cadre of world class education and improve on educational amenities of the state.

Task force for Higher Education

With none of the State’s Universities falling into the category of top 200 universities in the world, Governor and Chancellor Vidyasagar Rao with State’s education department have aimed at enabling at least two of the State Universities in the global top 100 universities list. Additionally, plans for grooming 10 universities and 50 colleges into ‘Centers of Excellence’ on the national levels are being chalked out. Streamlining of the arenas of Teaching Faculty caliber, examination patterns, student-teachers ratio and core infrastructural amenities have been initiated. Special Task force has to commission to aid this process. Senior education expert Raghunath Mashelkar is appointed on this task force.

UPSC Coaching for Student

Identifying the caliber of students of the state, Department of Higher and Technical Education had made provisions for special coaching and educational training for the students to increase the percent of our state’s representation in the qualifying candidates of UPSC students. The efforts of the department were reflected in the successful qualification of 200 for UPSC through the entrance exam.

Railway Research in Mumbai University

With the diligent efforts of the department of Higher and Technical Education, Mumbai University and Indian Railways have joined forces to enable the commencement of a rail research program that would be taught in Mumbai University. This initiative was undertaken to help in further exploration of railway research and aid to the speed of progress in the state.

Universities power the cleanliness campaign

The Department of Higher and Technical Education empowered the cleanliness campaign in the state by initiating a unique move. The department introduced ‘One University, One Adoptive Village’ campaign where 2685 colleges under University management adopted one village and will look into the cleanliness management of these villages.


Choice based Credit system

To encourage students to take active interest in education The Department of Higher and Technical Education has urged the universities to introduce Choice based Credit system by which student can enroll for their preferred subjects thereby helping the overall merit of the students.