Cultural Affairs

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs focuses on promoting the unique essence of Maharashtra and the identity of the state, fusing this essence into a distinct pride of the state.

The Department aims for global recognition of the state’s cultural heritage and promote tourism and allied occupation in Maharashtra.

With the abundance of literature, performing and fine art bestowed on Maharashtra, the department pushes hard to hand over this wealth to the coming generations in the modern day medium so that they inherit the distinct sense of cultural Maharashtra.

8 New Heritage Structures

The Department, in attempts to conserve our historical legacy for future generations, has now granted ‘Heritage Structure’ status to 8 monuments across the state. These monuments include Fort Yashwantgad, Ratnagiri; Fort Mahipatgad, Ratnagiri; Fort Sangandurg, Pune; Fort Gopalgad, Ratnagiri; Fort Mangad, Raigad; Ghodbandar Fort, Thane; Poha Darwaja, Vashim and Payari Well, Amravati.

Fort Conservation

Forts, the prestige symbols of the rich historical wealth of our Maharashtra, are unfortunately, in ruins. The Department of Cultural Affairs is taking a keen interest in the preservation and enhancement of these heritage structures. The department, with the help of Fort experts, Historians and Archaeologists have formed a committee that will play an active role in fort conservation by educating the masses and spreading knowledge about its cultural significance. The department also has successfully obtained ‘Heritage Structure’ status for several forts across Maharashtra, thereby aiding their conservation.

14 Model Forts Proposed

The department plans to develop 14 of the forts in the state as ‘Model Forts’ to create awareness about their historical heritage and promote tourism in the adjoining areas. The shortlisted forts for this projects are Galana Fort, Nashik; Kharda Fort, Ahmednagar; Bhudargad Fort, Kolhapur; Torana Fort,Pune; Shirgaon Fort, Palghar; Nagardhan Fort, Nsgpur; Ambagad Fort, Bhandara; Manikgad Fort, Chandrapur; Mahur Fort, Nanded; Pandhara Fort, Osmanabad; Antur Fort, Aurangabad; Kandhar Fort Nanded; Osa Fort, Latur; Dharur Fort, Bidiya.

Lokmanya Mohotsav

The department’s initiative of ‘Lokmanya Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Abhiyan’ and ‘Lokmanya Mohotsav’ were celebrated with great pomp commemorating the 125th anniversary of Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav started by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The event saw the participation of local ganeshtotsav pandals in large numbers, contributing to its huge success.

Raigad Mohotsav

To bring alive the life, living and legacy of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs plans to organise ‘Raigad Mohotsav’ on Fort Raigadh. The department to make provisions for the recreation of the prestigious reenactment of the coronation ceremony of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, making history come alive.

Marathi Films at Festival de Cannes

The department, with an aim to put Marathi Cinema on global stage, extended a massive helping hand to 3 Marathi films – ‘Ringan’, ‘Vakratunda Mahakaya’ and ‘Halal’ for the promotion at the prestigious ‘Festival de Cannes’, France. The department provided financial help to the producers of these films for promotion and screening of the films at the international event, helping them gain exposure to international audience.

Film Archives for Marathi Films

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs aims to develop Film Archives for Marathi Film for conservation of films. These archives will be named after Dadasaheb Phalke’s wife Savitribai Phalke for her contributions to Indian Cinema. Additionally, the department also plans on digitization of various old films to preserve the rich heritage of the Marathi film industry.

Promotion of Marathi Film Industry

Paying heed to the demands of the Marathi Film lovers, Department of Cultural Affairs intervened with the movie theaters association and mandated primetime slots should also be allotted to Marathi Movies. Additionally, the department is working towards developing Maharashtra as Asia’s leading entertainment city by promoting the film industry and related infrastructural developments.

Fort Cleanliness Drive

The Department undertook a massive cleanliness drive to fortify the conservation efforts of over 100 forts across Maharashtra. Inputs and experts opinions from the Archeological Department, History experts, Fort Lovers and Social organisation helped to enhance the preservation efforts.

Information at a Click

As the Maharashtra government is all set to provide 120 services at one click under the 'Digital Maharashtra' scheme the Cultural Affairs Department is not lagging behind. It has a plan to introduce service pages online that would consolidate all information regarding the cultural essence of Maharashtra and make it readily available at a single click. This aims to extend the outreach of the cultural identity of Maharashtra to a global scale.